Munster 100

08.03.2010 13:19

The Munster 100 has had a long and chequered history since the first motorcycle race held in Cork in 1940. That first race 70 years ago was called the Cork 50 and took place on the 1.5 mile Monaghan road circuit near Cork city centre. Because of World War II and petrol shortages, motorcycle racing did not return to Munster until 1947 when the club (mmcc) ran the Motor Cycle Union of Ireland's 25 mile championship on a 3.5 mile segment of the pre-war Cork Grand Prix car circuit at Carrigrohane. Dublins great motorcycle star of the late 1940's and 1950's Louis Carter, made his roadracing debut in that 1940 meeting, finishing second to another Dubliner, Reg Armstrong, who later went on to win the senior race in the Isle of Man in 1952.

The greatest years of the old Munster "100" were from 1950 to 1955, when the race was staged on the full length 6.09 mile Carrigrohane circuit. Many of the best known names in the sport raced on that circuit- Ulsterman Cromie McCandles, Bob Matthews, and Sammy Millar, Frank Fox from Sheffield, Co Kildares great star Ernie Lyons, and of course Louis Carter, who won no fewer than three times. Racing on the Carrigrohane circuit ended in 1955 and no Munster "100" was to be held for over 20 years.

In 1976, the race was revived as a short circuit event at Mondello Park, and none other than Joey Dunlop won the main race of the day The Munster "100".

The following year (1977), the race was held on the Ardcloyne circuit at Kinsale, and it remained there until 1985.

Then came a three year gap in the history of the Munster "100", when in 1989 it moved to the Clonakilty circuit and was a tremendous success, proving very popular with competitors and spectators alike.

The last Munster "100" was held on 18-19 July 1992 in Clonakilty.

And eighteen years later its back in Dunmanway, as you can see from the map the circuit goes right through the middle of the town. On the weekend of the race organizers hope to run a parade of classic and vintage bikes and Honda 50's on the Saturday night and they hope to have a grasstrack event on the Sunday after the roadrace in the car park field.