Czech riders on Isle of Man TT

05.11.2009 17:57

I decided to intoduce you the Czech riders who did great resluts in Czechoslovakia or Czech championships and started in the best motorcycle road race in the world (at least in my opinion) - famous TT in Isle of Man because.

The first czech riders who apeared on Isle of Man were Frantisek BRAND and Richard UVIRA. It was in 1932 and Brand finished on 14th position in Senior. Both riders rode czech bikes JAWA. Frantisek BRAND raced od IoM in following years 1933 and 1934.

Another Czech racer who raced on island was Frantisek JUHAN. He rode his JAWA in senior class. He came back in 1947 after second world war. In 1947 he raced on motorcycle Velocette and finished 17th.


Vaclav PARUS was born on 18 September 1926. He started in Czechoslovakia championship for 16 seasons (from 1955 to 1969 and in 1991). He won 11 races and three times he was a champion (1955, 1961, 1962 - 175cc). He has started in oldies cup to this time. He rides motorcycles CZ and ESO. Many times he won in the race in Horice. He attended TT in 1956 on bike ESO and finished on 6th in lightweight 125.

In the same year was on island another great Czech rider - Frantisek BARTOS. Bartos was born on 10 May 1926. He started in Czechoslovakia championship from 1954 to 1960. He was five times champion. He died on 21 January 1987. All his career he raced on bike CZ. Bartos raced on island in 1956 and 1957. His best result was 4th position in 1956 (lightweight).


Jiri KOSTIR was on island only one, in 1957 and finished on CZ on 7th position in lightweight.      


Frantisek BOCEK was born on 21 June 1935. He started in Czechoslovakia championship from 1957 to 1969. He won 11 races and once he was a Czechoslovak champion (1965 - 125cc). He died on 21 June 1969 in consequences of injuries which he suffered at a collision in Czechoslovak GP in Brno. He rode motorcycles JAWA all his career.


Gustav HAVEL was born on 27 August 1930. He started in Czechoslovakia champonship from 1954 to 1967. He won 27 races and six times he was a Czechoslovak champion (1954 - 500cc, 1956,1957,1960,1964,1966 - 350cc). He was very popular especially in Horice where he won four races (350cc). He died on 31 December 1967 in consequences of injuries which he suffered at a traffic accident when he rode to work on his motorcycle 50cc! The race in Horice was called after him in 1968.

In 1961 he was the third in World championship in class 350ccm. In 1963, 1964 and 1966 he was fifth in World championship. All his career he rode a motorcycle JAWA.


Stanislav MALINA was born in 1926. He started in Czechoslovakia chapionship from 1956 to 1964. He won 26 races and he was four times a champion (1959,1963,1964 - 125ccm, 1963 - 250cc). He died on 6 November 1964.


Frantisek "Franta" STASTNY the most successful Czech rider and a great person was born on 12 November 1927. He rode in Czechoslovakia championship from 1954 to 1971. He was five times a Czechoslovak champion (1960 - 250cc, 1958,1959,1965 - 350 ccm, 1956 - 500cc) and altogether he won 24 races. But only once he won the race in Horice (1962 - 250cc).

Franta Stastny started in World championship of course. He was very very successful : in 1960 he was fourth in 350ccm, in 1961 second in 350ccm, in 1962 fourth in 350ccm and ninth in 500ccm, in 1963 and 1965 fifth in 350ccm, in 1966 seventh in 250ccm and fourth in 350ccm and 500ccm !! Franta is the only Czech rider who won in Grand Prix ( 1961 - Germany, Sweden, 1965 - Northern Ireland, 1966 - East Germany ).

Before he was motorcycle rider he was very good bicycle rider - he started in Race of Peace ( on East something like Tour de France ).


Pavel SEVCIK was born on 27 April 1943. He raced in Czechoslovakia championships from 1974 to 1990. In 1988 he was champion in 250cc. Last two years of his career he raced in 500cc. In 1990 he was on Isle of Man. He only practiced. He didn´t také up to race.


Petr HLAVATKA was born on 22 March 1948. He was a very popular Czech rider. He started in Czechoslovakia championships from 1977 to 1991. He won in four races.

In 1991 he fulfilled his big wish - he started in TT on Isle of Man. Unfortunatelly luck was not on his side he crashed during practice and then he died consequences injurie which he suffered at this collision.

Once he won in the road race in Horice in class 500cc.


Michal „Indi#23“ DOKOUPIL is the last rider in row of Czech roadracers who raced on Isle of Man. It was this year and Indi was only small step in front of his bigest success in his career. Technical problem on his bike in 3rd lap in second race of 600cc finished his fantastic performance. At the moment Indi was in Top10 current standing. His great racing quality he confirmed in following races on irish roads. He won at Kells and Dundrod and did three times Top10 in UGP.