25.01.2015 14:45

It is with great pleasure that the above named club can confirm that they will be looking for prospective candidates to receive part sponsorship for the up and coming 2015 Road Racing season after the Club decided last week to continue in supporting the sport which has brought them much success and pleasure in recent years.
The Club which was formally better known as the #36 Supporters Club, was originally set up to supply financial support for Co-Down road racer Michael Pearson in 2009.
For the following six years, the club continued to support Pearson in his racing exploits which brought much success, with the club also supplying Pearson with a Honda Firebalde in 2012 with the much appreciated support from the late Richard Rawson.
Unfortunately, a serious racing accident during the Horice Road Races in May 2014  brought an end to Pearson's racing career, with Michael now retired from the sport because of the injuries he received.
Willis Marshall
"during a recent meeting with the members and with Michael Pearson, the club decided to continue in its support of road racing, and with Michaels consent, the members decided to rename the club as "The 36 Club" with the number 36 being the racing number of Michael Pearson who was the Clubs first rider to receive support.    This was fully supported from those present.   The Club have arranged a night at the races for Saturday 14th March in the Masonic Hall in Crumlin where the clubs riders who are to receive support will be named.   It is the Clubs wishes that one rider will be selected from the 2015 road race support class, and the second rider will be chosen from all disciplines from road racing to short circuit racing.   Any rider, who would liked to be considered for financial support for the 2015 road racing season should forward their names to myself before Monday March 9th, by email or by text message to 07593807525.   The 36 Club has also opened membership for 2015 to members of the public who would like to be associated with the club so as they can continue to support riders in the years ahead which will be at a cost of £20 per season.    Anyone wishing to join The 36 Club can do so by contacting myself on either email or mobile number above".
Picture by Tremaine Gregg.
Left to right:  36 Club Members, Michael Pearson, Willis Marshall, Richard McPherson, Trevor Harbinson, Rod Lee.